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New service: MTProto
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Development: Telegram Bot

Development: Python

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New service every quarter

Every quarter we offer at least one new service; keep tracking of these innovations in our channel!


We keep up with the times and improve ourselves by adding new services


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Before starting the service, we test it. In case of an error in our service, we will immediately correct the error.


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Services are added every quarter


Provide High Quality

The MTProto service allows you to bypass Telegram blocking in your country.

Development Python

Provide High Quality

You can order any program of your choice, after agreeing with the terms of reference and prepayment, we will begin to create your dream!

Telegram Bot

Provide High Quality

Using the bot, you can order pizza, taxi, book tickets or buy a dress without leaving the messenger. Order from us and you will get excellent service and fast development!

Own plans for working in this technology

I am works on this new technology for ENCD

Popular cryptocurrency
P2P & decentralized networks
More private
Secure your data
Encrypted files
Automated tasks

Now we working on this services

Services are added future

Tx notification

Notifications of transactions on any cryptocurrencies or monitoring crypto wallet.

Remote administration

Remote administration and support anytime.

Crypto node

Help in setting up your own node on popular cryptocurrency.

Highly Secure Solutions

Secure You Life With ENCD

In planning, we are developing several services for server security, data and other. With our recommendations and services you will remain safe, the main thing is to follow the basic safety rules.

Creative Solutions

No limits in our ideas!

Secure & private

We are working on threat intelligence and server protection


Use our technology wherever you are!


We are working on creating Bitcoin nodes

How It Works

The process is devised into three stages.



Order Acceptance.



Work on the order, testing services if possible in terms of services.



Only after testing the service and it works correctly - client pays.

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Frequently Asked Question

- What will I receive after purchasing our product?

You get great service!

- What are features inside the service?

These services are described on the service page, in the tariff plans section.

- Do you accept cryptocurrency for payment?

Yes, we accept BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, DASH. Future add Visa / MasterCard

- How often do the news appear on the channel in the telegram?

News are posted every week.


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